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reviews, fics, arts and general thoughts of madness

Master Fic List
The oficial master list for my FF.net account. LJ Cuts drive me crazy!!! I've given up on using several of them on one same post, it never works!! 
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See yall.

Fic: The root of all fear
Title: The root of all fear
Author: AnnieVH
Summary: Rick's afraid of flying.
Rating: G
Genre: humor
Characters or Pairing: Milo Sturgis/Rick Silverman
Prompts: Surprise (love bingo)
Warning: none
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: don't own, just borrow.
Setting: later in the series, in more recent books.

x-posted on tumblr.

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Sherlock and Inception picspam
Yes, been a while I haven't posted anything in my LJ, so here're four picspams to make it up.

Under the cut, links to my tumblr, 3 Sherlock Picspams (post Reichenbach), and 2 Inception Picspams (spoilers for the movie and the companion comic book script, The Big Under).

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Christmas Exchange - Gifts for LHUNE!
Title: Untitled
Artist: AnnieVH
Recipient: lhune
Fandom: Sherlock BBC, Harry Potter - and LHUNE!
Characters/Pairing: Mycroft, Sherlock, Remus, Sirius, Draco
Rating: free for all!
Warning: nope
Safe for work?: very!
Summary: I got here 30 icons, 6 banners, 4 picspams and 1 wallpaper. I hope you like them all.

CREDITS: all masks and textures belong to Mutsie, all caps came from GRANDE CAPS.

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Tumblr, what are you doing?
Tumblr is out tonight. And I am bored. Tumblr is going to ruin my life. Without it, I actually have to DO stuff.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!
Not, people! Not a spam! Just a HAPPY BIRTHDAY post for my girl seraphina_snape! Congrats, girl!

Happy B-Day

Have a very happy birthday, dearest! I hope this new year is filled of good books!


3 Sentences Bunnies

Leave me a ship and a prompt and I'll write a three sentence fic for them.

You can do it here on in my ask box. 

Memes! How much I missed them!
If you give me a ship (from a fandom I know), I will answer either or both sets of questions for them:

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Fic: Things that go with lasagna
Title: Things that go with lasagna
Author: AnnieVH
Summary: Garcia wants Hotch to be safe.
Rating: T for talking about sex safety.
Genre: Humor.
Characters or Pairing: Hotch/Beth, Garcia
Prompts: persikay's "Garcia - 'What's that smell?'" and also very much inspired by "The Lasagna Incident", from the musical "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change". There are many lovely versions of this particular act/song on Youtube and you should check them all.
Warning: nope.
Spoilers: up to last season.
Disclaimer: don't own, just borrow for fun, make them do silly stuff for my own amusement and then return them crying to CBS.
Note: a huge apology to persikay, who's been waiting on this story for almost a year. It played with me for months before I finally manage to take control over it. I hope it's worth your waiting and that it leaves you laughing, or at least gives you a smile.

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